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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am EST

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we're here, here, here, here, and here.. we are broadcasters, always h h hfor you, wherever herermay be. text "tv" to 52886. tell washington local stations matter. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller centerern the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ray romano, lulu hale, musical guest, brandi carlile, and featuring the legendary roots crew.
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island. >> steve: anannow, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm m talking about. that's a great crowd right there! welcome. welcome, welcome. welcome, everyone, to "the tonight show." this is it. you're here. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] you're here. now we're in it together. thank you very much. you guys, big show tonight. we have ray romano on the show
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[ cheers and applause ] he's here to promote his new show about the record industry in the '70s called "vinyl." which isisetter than the show's original title, "everybody loves cocaine." [ laughter ] and they changed it. they changed i ito "vinyl." we alslshave lucy hale on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she stars in "pretty little liars" w wch just resumed its sixth season. as opposed to the show "old rich liars" which will continue right up to election day. [ laughter and applalae ] very interesting. very entertaining. very entertaining. you guys, last night, the republican candidates held another debaba in south carolina, and it went on about a half an hour longer than expected. whicicisn't bad, considering trump's campaign has gone on half a year longer than expected. [ laughter ] [ [ eers and applause ] not bad. that's right. the republican debate went on about a half hour longer than scheduled. today, the moderators apologized for keeping vieiers awake so late. then viewers said, "you
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[ laughtht ] we fell asleep during ben carson, as soon as he started talking. so did he. so did he. he fell asleep as well. all the candidates had a lot to say at the debate last night, but they also had a very hard time saying it. >> what has president obama do -- done to illustrate -- >> that we're back in the game with -- with israel. >> just so -- if i could -- because. >> let's think about -- let's think about -- i want to maybe -- >> this president, this president is mororinterested in funding -- less interested in funding the military than he is in funding -- he's more interereed in fufuing planned parenthood than he is in funding the military. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this -- this president -- this, this no, sorry, this president -- no, he's more -- no, he's not interested -- he's more not interested -- - this p psident is -- doesn't like this president. they fight and they don't like each other. [ cheers and applause ] what? aren't thesesehe same guys who
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[ laughter ] anandonald trump tried bringing up polls that showed him winning, and the crowd actually started to boo. and trump was like, "see, even ghosts love me." [ laughter and applausus] "lots of my supporters wear white sheets. [ audience oohs ] "classy! ghosts. classy ghosts." this is everywhere, too. at a rally in florida this week, donald trump had an opening act of three young girls called the usa freedom kids. take a look. enemies of freedom face the music come on boys take them downwn president donald trump knows how to make america great deal from strength or get crushed every time
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>> jimmy: kids make the darnedest threats, don't they? [ laughter and applause ] get t ushed. >> steve: get crushed every time. >> jimmy: every titi. even north korea is like, "what the hell is going g over there? [ laughter ] they've lost control." meanwhile, carly fiorina raised some eyebrows yesterday when she said that, unlike hillary clinton, she actually likes spending time with her husband. [ audience oohs ] shshwas asked about it in an interview later. listen to what she said to say. >> do you believe the clinton's have a real marriage. >> they've been married for a a very long time. they've been married for a very long time.e. >> so it's a real marriage? >> they've been married for a a very long timeme >> it's a real marriage then? you'll say that? >> they've b bn married for a a lolo time. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they've been marared for a very long time. then shehetarted sparking. like they have been married for a very long time. [ laughter and applause ]
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turns out the infamous drug lord el chapo rerertedly sent flirty text messages to the mexican actress who helped him set up the interview with sean penn. in fact, they recovered these text messages. they're pretty interesting. take a look at this. he texted, "hellll [ laughter ] sup. do you like cocaine? [ laughter ] sorry, that was stupid. [ laughter ] it's just, i've never really done this before. i'm kind of nervous, lol. do you like caviar? damn auto correct, i meant to say, do you like cocainene [ laughter ] then she responded with, "new phone. who dis?" [ laughter and applause ] he's'sot no game. he's got no game. get this. there are reports that while he was on the run, el chapo got surgery for erertile dysfunction. i guess his chalupa had a a littleleroop-a. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
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from a soft shell to a hard shell. [ laughter ] i guess s 's looking for a a little cure-o for his churro. [ laughter ] every time he toto off his pants, he said, "say hello to my really little friend." [ laughter and applause ] apparently, he has a one inch-alada. [ laughter and applause ] i guess his amigo was taking a a permanent sisita. [ laughter ] he told his doctor he had a a floppy sombrero. [ laughter ] when his girlfriend saw it, she ran for the border.. [ laughter ] i guess nothing would come out of his piata, no matter how much he beat it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i don't know -- i don't know. >> stete: beulah marie!
11:42 pm
from grieving that much. >> steve: oh, my gosh. he couldn't go through the tunnel. >> jimmy: oh, man. finally, i don't know if chapo is invovoed with this or not, bubulast week near the texas/mexico border, authorities say they found a a shipment of over a ton of marijuana that was disguised to look like carrots. which explains why now, bugs bunny is now like, "sup, doc?" [ laughter ] we have a great show. give it up for the roots, right there.e. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that sounds s eaea thank you, roots. give it up for the rootsts everybody. how great are the roots? i love them. [ cheers and applause ] we have a fantastic show tonight. thisisan is so funny. he is, of course, a very talented actor, but one of the best stand-up comedians i i ve ever seen, ever.
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"vinyl." we love him. everybody loves him. ray romano is here, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] he's so goodod >> stete: he's so fun. >> jimmy: he makes me laugh. ray and i are going to do a fun new thing later on in the show involvininold photos. anyway, stick around for that. it's funny. plus, from the hit show "pretty little liars." my pal, the lovely lucy hale is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] and we got great, great music from grammy-nominated performer brandi carlilele [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: yeah! >> jimmy: guys, today's friday and that's usually when i catch up on some personal stuff. you know, i check my inbox, i return some e-mails. [ cheeee and applause ] and i send out thank you notes. i was running a bit behind today, so i thought, if you guys wouldn't mind, i'd just like to write out my weekly thank you notes right now. is that okay? is that good? [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much.
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[ laughter ] >> steve: yes, appareneny. e.d. >> jimmy: i could do that all night. he apparently couldn't. [ lalahter ] hey, thank you very much. that was a bonus one, yeah. james, you got any thank you note writing music, plplse? >> steve: wow, stud.d. >> jimmy: he's a stud. here we go. ananyou, the shirt el chapo wore while he was on the run, for being great camouflage if his hiding spot was the wallpaper in o o of the golden girls' bathroomsms [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: it's good. it's made of velvet. >> jimim: hiding in blanche's bathroom. thank you, p pple who fall asleep during the state of the union, for not being able to stay awawa for the one hour a a year that you can potentially appear on every major television network. t it together.
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stay up. >> stete: that's what el chapo said. >> jimmy: oh. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] [ laughter ] that's like a major sip right there. >> steve: that's a real strong sip. >> jimmy: i didn't'think i was gogog to do that at all. >> steve: el chapo. >> jimmy: excuse me. steve: feels good. >> jimmy: thank you, tuxedos, for being mostly black and a a little white. the opposite of this year's oscars. [ lalahter ] [ audience oohs ] not one black nominee. thank you, new apple tv remote, for being thinner, sleeker, and even better at getting lost in
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[ laughter and applause ] that's just -- so great. >> steve: i can't do anything. >> jimmy: doesn't matter. we're stuck watching whatever show it is. >> jimmy: thank you, cuticles, for sounding like adorable testicles. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: oh. oh, boy. cuticles. >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: : chapo. >immy: all right. [ laughter ] [ sipping sound ] >> steve: chopstick. >> jimmy: thank you, kombucha, for being the only type of tea that s snds like one of the words that pop up on the screen when batman punches a guy.
11:47 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, headphones, for being airline e avel code for, "i didn't come here to make friends." there you go, everybody. those are my thank you notes.. we'll be right back with my man, ray romano.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest won three emmy awawas for his fantastic work on the very popular tv show "everybody loves raymond." he starsrsn the new hbo drama series from martin scocoese and mick jagger, yeah, called "vinyl" it premieres sunday, february 14th, at 9:00 p.m. please welcome ray romano, everybody.
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: thank you so much fofo being here. >> what do you mean? thank you. >> jimmy: first time with us. and so we're psyched. u u u . >> it t t firsrstime, yes. >> jimmy: you know, i mean, i have k kwn you for a fewewears. >> yeah, yeah, we do, we go back a little bit.t. >> jimmy: "snl." we just did this, we were at a, i saw you at a charity event we did in boston for neely house. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: for neely house. >> for dennis learars charity. >> jimmy: dennis leary's charity. >> yeah. >> jimmy: gosh, you were talking about this movie you just s s. >> uh-huh. >> jimim: do you know what i'm talking about? >> you're talking about the bit i i d? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> about "everest," mt. everest. >> jimmy: yeah. >> the movie, yeah. >> jimmy: i haven't seen the, i haven't seen it. >> not, here's the thing about, i have a funny o oervation about t , but not many people have seen it.
11:53 pm
"everest,","he movie "everest?"" [ scattered applause ] see, not quite enonoh. >> jimmy: no. [ laughter ] >> and they shouou. first of all, it's's great movie. >> jimmy: yeah. >> second of allllthere's a, the scenes are unbelievable. they're climimng mt. everest. but the most unbelievable scene to me was, and i want people who have s sn thth to vouch that this is true. what i'm about to say is true. this scene happened. the guys are getting r rdy to climb ththmountain. ey're on like base camp two, and thth're having, around the campfire, and josh brolin's character is talking to the guys. and he goes, he actually says this dialogue. i feel a little guilty because i forgot to tell my wife i was doing this. he forgot to tell his wife he s climbing mt. everest. [ light laughter ] and that's, listen to me. listen. my wife constantly t tls me i'm the worst communicator in the world. no, i'm not. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mt. everest. >> seriously, what? here's my thing.
11:54 pm
what could you do? i guess if, i guess if neil armstrong's wife was watching the moon landing and s, is that neil? isishat? [ laughter and applause ] is that daddy? what i ihe doing? i meme, i don't know. look, i don't know how your wife is. but if i forget to tell my wife i'm going to play popor or something.g. >> j jmy: climbing mt. everest. >> that is not goooo it's not good. >> jimmy: but, you've been married, you've been married a a long timimnow, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: how long? >> 28, 28 years. >> jimmy: 28 years. good for you. that's good. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. >> long time.. how much, foy you? >> jimmy: eight years. >> eight years. >> jimmy: eight years for me, yeah. >> okay,y,o you're not probably at the point where i'm at. [ light laughter ] i'i'at, here's where i am. here's where we are in the mamaiage. because in the beginning, it's, in the beginning, it's kind of
11:55 pm
a relationship, in the beginning of a marriage. we have crossed over to you can do no right. you can do no right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you can do no right. >> i just accept i i it's t t way it is. i'll give you an example. perfect examplpl she was watching a movie in our house with my y ster in law. they were watching a movie. i wasn't watching it. i was walking through, going to the kitchen. i know she likes popcorn. i told her, unsolicited, unsolicited i said, i'm gonna go to the kitchen. i'll bring you back some popcorn,n,o o ich she said, all l right, but bring enough. [ laughterer already. she was already mad that i hadn't brought enough. >> jimmy: just being nice and offering her popcorn. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: i mean, come on. >> exactly. once, the new thing that gets me is when we talk on the phone, we talk on the phone, we gegedisconnected on the cell phone. i call her right back. and she picks s and goes, what was that? [ laughter ] and i'm m ke, what do you mean?
11:56 pm
we got disconnected. she goesesokay. and i really, i want to say to her, you know what? you got me. you know what i like to do? i like to talk to you, and in the middle of a sentence, just hang up and then calalyou right ck. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's how, you caught me. m busted, , ah. >> but it works. it works... >> jimmy: it works, yeah. we were talking about, i was like, dude, i love the beard. what's goin' on? and you're like, i'm'moing the show "vinyl." >> yes. >> jimmy: : d i i , what's going on? you said martin scscsese and mick jagger's involved, it's about the rec -- i go, this is not "everybody loves raymond." > don't know how i'm on it, and i don't know how i got on this show. it's so cool, it's the coolest show. >> jimmy: : u're great in it. >> it's, not only is it a cool shsh, i do my first, this is not a plugugfolks. this is a a rning. [ light laughter ] ] i do a sex scene. i do a sex scene. [ cheers and applause ] yes. no, no. no. no. >> jimmy: no, no, no. >> you see? no, no, that's the sitcom. the sitcom, i have done sitcom sex.
11:57 pm
and that's the end of the scene. [ laughter ] that's not hbo. hbo, i'm'melling you, if you, listen, if you know me from "everyrydy loves raymond" episode seven, just go bowling. go bowling. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: really? >> on this new show. m nude, i'm nake -- >> jimim: is it weird? >> it's very weird. very stressful. >> jimmy: you're totally, u're naked doing this? >> i'm totally, you know, you've got --- [ laughter ] ] >> jimmy: the thing. >> you got the sock. you got the sockckhing. you know, the sock, with the -- >> jimmy: i don't know. i don't know the sock thing. what do you mean, you haha a a sock? >> i is called, yeah, it's called a sock. and it's -- >> jimmy: yeah, you got the -- >> it's actually very flattering when you put it on. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i got to look into this thing.. i gotta get it. >> here's the thing. it's very nerve rackinin it's confusingngis what a sex scene is.
11:58 pm
you're simulating sex. i mean, it's not real. but he don't know that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's'sot an actor. >> no. >> jimmy: he's not an actor. >> i try to tell him, i brief him. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i brief him ahead of time. >> jimmy: you brief him up, you say, don't, don't be fooood. >> but he falls, he falls for ititvery time. [ laughter ] you know what it is? you know what it is? it's like playing a trick on a a dodo it's like, like whenenou pretend to throw the ball. cause it's a lot -- >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and here's the thing. it's not only a sex scene. it's a threesome. it's a threesome, okay. now listen -- [ audidice hoots ] okay. but, but it's new to me. and, i remember, i went to one of the other actcts on the show, and you know, of course, it's like a stud, good looking actor.
11:59 pm
this is the answer that blew me away. he said five or six. he didn't know the number. [ laughter ] he didn't know -- he didn't know how many threesomes he e had. i don't, i don't u uerstand. i can understand you don't know how many women you've slept with, but how many threesomes. i would know that. i would know exactly. [ laughter ] that would be like asking me how many times have you fell in quicksksks you know what i mean? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you remember it very well. >> yes, of course. >> jimmy: very well. you remember falling into quicksand. but this is, as i said, great people involved. it's hbo. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but they don't fool around, hbo. they spend the money, they make great stuff. and you got mick j jger behind you, martin scorsese. >> it's awesome. it's'sn awesome. it's a great show. bobby cannavale's the star. >> jimmy: bobby cannavalals fantastic. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it's set in the '70s, its' a record label. >> and it is a lot of, you were jojojo about in your mononogue about the cocaine. i snort a lot of fake cocaine. >> jimmy: you u ? >> yes.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: fake hookers? actors. yeah, actors. [ laughter ] >> no, no. actors. s. >> jimmy: they're called actors. we have a clip here. this is ray romanonon hbo's new series "vinyl." take a look at this. >> look i want to bring in joe corso. >> corso's a thug. >> you don't know that. you don't know that. he's good. he's good at what he does. that's, you shouldn't say things about people thatatou dodot know. you know, he's, he's the best promotion man in the business.s.s. >> 14 radio stations across every major market, not willing to play any of our albums. it will l read like a [ bleep ] leukemia. >> it's not joke, ritchie, we're going to be bankrupt in a a month.h. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we love that. ray romano, everybody. "vinyl" premieres sunday, february 14th, at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. when we come back, ray and i are going to do someththg fun. stick around.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. ray y mano right here. [ cheers and a alause ] his new hbo series, "vinyl," premieres february 1 1h at 9:00 p.m. now, ray and i are about to
12:06 am
it's time for "explain this photo." here we go. explain this photo >> jimmy: so basically, before the show, i don't know why we agreed to do this, but we swapped cell phones, and we looked through each other's photo albums. and i found some pictures on your phone, and i think you found some phohos on my phone. >> i did. >> jimmy: and -- that need some explaining. >> yeah. they're a little confusing when u look at them, yeye. >> jimmy: very good. now, i've got your phone, hehe. here, this is my phone, here. this i ithe first -- on. is that going to ruin the bit if i put glasses on? >> jimmy: no, yoyocan put glasseseon. u can do whatever you want. but i can n st show it to you.u. here, i can describe what's on here. this is a photo -- [ laughter ] what -- can we get a close-up? >> it's a great moment in my life, actually. it's a great moment. >> jimmy: now, what is -- are you -- is that kenny g.? am i wrong? >> that's kenny g. i don't know if there are any
12:07 am
that's phil mickelson, and he had just won the british open. this is at pebble beach where i play in the pro am. and you get the claret jug, you get the claret. it's like the stanany cup. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh, yeah. >o we all had to drink some wine out of the claret jug. and i got to be honest, it was a lilile -- it was a stressful ment because i ion't drink, and i'm a germophobe, you know. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. >> plus, i have a man crush on phililickelson. >> jimmy: and kenny g. >> well, kenny g. was there to calm me down. you know what i mean. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: people get out of control. >> yeah.h. >> jimmy: yeah, that makes sense. >> i don't drink because -- not because of kenny g., but no, well, actually, no, he's related to the last titi i drank, i got really drunk, and i went to the bathroom. and i started hearing kenny g. in the bathroom. and i realized, i'm pissing in the elevator. [ lalahter ] >> jimmy: that's when you know you got to stop. that's when you know you got to stop. [ laughter ] >> by the way, i love kenny g.
12:08 am
mine, and i love his music. >> jimmy: : ah, me, too. me, too. >> speaking of music. speaking of music, i found this. >> jimmy: okay, i can explain this. >> this, this needs a little explanation. >> jimmymyall ririt, look. all right, so i spent -- i made -- >> first of alal is that a a cake? >> jimmy: it's not a cake. this is a a rntable, it's a a picture disc. >> it's an actual turntable. >> jimmy: this is -- here's the truth. if this were, you know, 20 years ago where you had to use film in the camera, this photo wouldn't exist. the fact i can take 1,000 photos on my cell phone and not really worry about it, that's why this photo exists. i have a record, a vinyl listening room in my house that i listen -- and i i i this record from my uncle. i was -- it's a picture disc of barry manilow's greatest hits. >> by the way, i love me some barry manilow. >> jimmy: i didn't know how many hits. it's unbelievable. and i was listening to "daybreak." it was like -- as the day breaks >> jimmy: yeah, yeah.
12:09 am
hadn't heard thahain a long time. i go, that's a fantastic song. and then i just got entranced by hisispinning head and i just to take a picture. so barry, i know you are watching. if you have any more picture discs, send them over. i would love to play them, they're very fantasticic >> and kenny g., too. >> jimmy: and kenny g., if you have a picture disc as well. all right, explain this photo. what is -- what? [ laughter ] what happened here? >> the only way i can explain that is, put it this way. when your wife is making pancakes, never say, "where's mine, fatso?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's not true. thatat not true. >> by the way. this i ivinyl. this is vinyl-related. the cool thing about the show, i don't know what the next episode is, and they just told me i had to get a prosthetic nose made. and i get beat up. and they break my nose. and i don't know if you know, but i had to do my nose in sections.
12:10 am
yeah. >> jimmy: it wasn't enough plaster to cover your whole nose at once. >> they had to cover their plaster. okay, here we go. this one i like, too. yeah, this one, i tried to figure out. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i sent this from my writer, one of our writers and my best friend. this is mid-fist, right here. here's what happened. that's my bathroom in my dressing room, this is a true story. it was my birthday. and my writetefriend was hiding my bathroom with the lights off for about 20 minutes. [ laughter ] with a alown mask an armrm jacket and a real knife. [ laughter ] and he was videotaping as -- so i walked in, i turn the lights on, anani went to punch the clown. and yeah. >> that's your friend? >> jimmy: he's my best fririd. yeah, yeah. gerard. >> you know, what, a clown with a knife is scary, but prprably more scary, a clown with a a plunger, because then you don't know what just happened. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you know you don't
12:11 am
here's the last one, here. and this one -- it's just odd. explain this to me, because look at your muscle there. >> yeah. >> jimim: but look how big your muscle is, there. can you see? >> yeah, part of that is my wife's head. >> jimmy: i recognized your wife's head, but then -- >> here's the weird part is i can't take credit t r that muscle because it looks like i got a gun there. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and it's not. what happened is i broke the tendon in my bicep ripped. well, it ripped gradually, like it tore and kept tearing a a little more, a little more. and after one day, the muscle just falls. and you get what's called popeye muscles. you get -- they a aually have a condition called popeye muscle where you flex it. it pops up, and it l lks like you're strong. >> jimmy: you can do that? >> i don't know if you can see it through the jacket, through the cool leather. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: can you take the jacket off? >> yououant to actually -- you want to see the muscle? [ cheersrs why would i do this? why would i show my deformity
12:12 am
[ cheers ] ] no. no, no, no, no. >> jimmy: oh, mymyoodness. guys, , is is episode six of "vinyl." [ laughter ] >> no, no. >> jimmy: it's getting there. >> by y e way, it's not pretty. i don't know why i'm showing this. why would you want to see this? >> jimmy: we can recreate the photo. i have a knife scar on my ass. you want to see that? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, save that for next time. save that for next time. >> so what y y is -- no, wait, thth is just it. and d en when you pop it, , comes up. [ cheeee ] >> jimmy: all right, let me get my head in there. >> oh, you want to -- >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> j jmy: ray romano, everybody. come on, give it up for r is guy. lucy hale is with us when we come back. ray romanonogo check out "vinyl." set your tivo ririt now.
12:13 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest stars on the hugelelpopular show "pretty little liaia," which airs tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on freeform. that's right, freeform. that i ithe new name for abc family. they changed the name like two days ago. so now it's called freeform, just in case you're like, "what is he talking about?" it's abc family, no it's called freeform now. tuesdays at 8:000000. please welcome our pal, lucy hale, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking abouou hey. you look gorgeous. >> thank you for the freeform shout-out. the publicists are probably very happy about that. >> jimmy: oh, good -- no. your show is crushing it. >> thank you. and i love it. i'm a big fan of yours. >> thank you. you obviously know i'm a fan of you as well.l. i'i'so excited to be here. i'm freaking out.
12:19 am
pleasese we talked about you on the show >> i know, because on your "ew!" skit when you said "pretty little liars" i fell out of my chair. >> jimmy: that's my favorite show. >> "pretty little e ars." >> jimmy: "pretty y ttle [ laughter ] it's my favorite show. lucy hale. >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: yeah. >> s sgood. >> jimmy: for those who don't know you, you're from memphis, which is one of my favorite plples. i was just there. >> i heard you liked it. >> jimmy: i love -- it's just amazing. it's almost like out of a movie set. >t's s allyly- are you an elvis fafafa >> jimmy: giant. are you kidding? >> did you go to graceland? >> j jmy: i did not go, because justin timberlake isishere as well. >> jt. [ cheersrsnd applause ] >> jimmy: i haven't even been to his house. so, i mean, i'm waiting, i'm going to start thehe and then go to graceland. but i has some good barbecue over there. >> the best. rendezvous. >> jimmy: rendezvous barbecue. >> a a right, you nene to try centntntbarbecue next time you're there. >> jimmy: okay, centrara >> trumps rendezvous, yep.
12:20 am
>> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: 'cause rendezvous, i ordered some -- >> some good stuff. >> jimmy: they mail itito you, they send it in the mail now. >> they ship worldwide. >> jimmy: i mean, why not? >> i don't know how that works. >> jimmy: i would love opening up an amazon box with ribs in there. >> j jt some meat. >> jimmy: that's fantastic, i'm like, why not? >> love that meat. yeah. >> jimmy: so you're a memphis girlrl >> i am, yeah. >> jimmy: i don't really hear the accent. i don't hear the southern. >> i know.w. so i moved to l.a. when i was 15, with my mom. and you know, i moved for acting. and i went to a couplele auditions and had like, not a a strong accent, but a little southern d dwl. and i had to take accent reduction classes to g g rid of my accent. >> jimmy: but thth southern accent is so cute. people would love that. >> it's so sweet, i know, i know.. it comes out a little when i'm tirereor angry. >> jimmy: tired or angry. >> tired or angry. >> jimmy: you're like, hi. >> hey, y'all. >> jimmy: hey, y'a'a. >> yeah, but the one thing i'll never lose is y'all. i always say y'allll >> jimmy: yoyodo. >> yeah, that'll never go. >> jimmy: no, you can't lose -- >> you g gta keep it. >> jimmy: yeah, sorry, accent reduction courses. yeah, you can't get rid d
12:21 am
don't even try it. wellllyou're great on the show. i love it. >> thank you. >> jimmy: "pretty little liars" is the name of show. what i think is kind of f nny, that not really lying g t you're not really telling the uth. >> what am i lying about? >> jimmy: well, your name isn't lucy, is it? >> oh, okay. well, let me explain. okay, karen is actually my first name. >> jimmy: well, hello. that might be something g i think that m m m be something. come on, y'all. i mean -- >> come on, y'all. >> jimmy: let's get real, y'all. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right now, i don't even know who i'm talking to, lucy or karen. >> y y'll never know. >> jimmy: i'll never know. >aren is my alter ego. >> jimmy: there's so much mystery arouou the show, and so i mean, a is that you don't want -- >> have yoyoseen it? >> jimmy: yes. >> yes. >> jimmy: and it was -- everybody saw it. it's just the greatest. bubui don'n'want to ruin it for people that haven't t e it. binge watch. >> right, okay, cool. >> jimmy: but you're up to season six, now. and you kind of jumped to the future. >> we have. we have, you know, for the six yeararon the show, i was playing a teenager. so we're now 23.
12:22 am
premiered on tuesday, ananwe are e ve years older. >> jimmy: you won a people's choice award. congratulations for that becaususyou deserved it. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well deserved. >> we have the best fafa in the world. >> jimmy: : u do have great fans. i got to say. >> passionone. >> jimmy: they love that you're coming on the show, twitter and everything, snapchat, people were going nuts. >> you werertelling me to get on snapchaha you might have c cvinced me, i don't know. >> jimmy: it's fun. means. don't think you neededt. i think your famous enough, but snapchat, you'u' going to be really famous. >> i might need to do it. >> jimmy: you know what i like about going to the awards, did you go to the people's choice awards? >> yes. >> jimmy: did you meet anybody that you didn't know was a fan, anyone who turned out to be a a fan? 'cause that's where i think, ooh, that's pretty cool. >> well, they were in the front row, so they had to clap, but sandra bullock and ellen degeneres were like, right in the front, and they stood up and clapped for us, and thththas r rlly neat. >> jimmy: what? oh, my gosh, unbelievable. >> sandy b., i love her so much. >> jimmy: sandy b. and ellen d. i mean, yeah, absolutely. [ laughter ] you know what's trippy?
12:23 am
[ laughter ] >> eveveone's a karen. >> jimmy: read up, y'all. it's true. lucy hale, everybody. come on. you gotta come back.k. [ cheers and applause ] >> i will. >> jimmy: do you want to hang out? >> i iant to do the "ew!" skit. >immy: let's do "ew!" >> okay, ew! >> jimmymyew! >> ew! >> jimmy: "pretty little liars" airs tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on freeform. what is that? brandi carlile performs with us next. stick around, everybody.
12:24 am
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12:28 am
[ cheersrsnd applause ] >> jimmy: our musisil guest tonight just earned her first grammy nomination for her album, "the firewatcher's dadahter." she's fantastic. performing "the things i regret," please welcome brandi carlile. [ cheers and applause ] there's a hole in my pocket where my dreams fell through f fm a sidewalk in the city to the avevee
12:29 am
bout the size of a pin and i can't quite remember where the water's getting in but when you're wearing on your sleeve all the things you rereet you can only remember what yououant to forget you feel it tugging at your heart like the stars overhead til you rest your bones on the killing bed let them roll over me let them roll over me when i doubt you ohoh let them roll over me let thth roll over me when i doubt you oh with the weight of the world resting on my back and the road on which i've travelled is as long as it is cracked but i keep pressing forward with my feet to the ground for a heart that is broken makes a beautiful sound when you're
12:30 am
all the things you regret you can only remember what you want to forgege let them roll over me let them roll over me when i doubt you oh let them roll over me let them roll over me when i doubt you oh ooh ooh i walk through my days like a ghost in a dream but the field carries on and my past follows me it's hard moving on from the thingng you done wrong when they play in your head like an old fashioned song when you're wearing on your sleeve
12:31 am
y y can only remember what you want to forget lonely milil without you lonely miles withououyou and i let them roll over me i let them roll over me when i doububyou let them roll over me let them roll over me when i doubt you oh let theheroll over me let them roll over m m let them roll over me letethem roll over me let the ground keep my faults let the water be my home
12:32 am
like a holy rolling stone [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmymythat's the way to do it. come on. that's the way to do it. ank you. thank you so much. brandi carlile. "the firewatcher's daughter" is out now. we'll be right back, everybody.
12:33 am
12:34 am
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12:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to ray romano, , cy hale,e, brandi carlileleonce again! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] ay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for wawahing. have a great weekendnd i hope to see you next week.
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late nigig with seth meyers." tonight -- dakota johnson, from broadway's "s"sething rotten" actor brian d'arcy james, acadamy y ard nominated director and screenwriter adam mckay, music from carly rae jepsen, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and janet weiss. [ cheers a a applause ] ladies andndentlemen, seththeyers! >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonighgh [ cheers and applause very, very good to hear. let's get to the news. this weekend's snowstorm jonas dumped almost 27 inches of snow on new york city and it's still not the whwhest thing named jonas. [ laughter ] ] e latete cbs poll has


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